So, when I was seven years old, I saw this pixar film called Ratatouille for the first time.


I loved it. I got my dad to buy it for me when it came out on dvd, and it has since been with me on many cabin- and fishing trips. My dad even got me the Ratatouille Playstation 2 game that I’m pretty sure we completed like 3-4 times because it was so much fun that we just played it over and over again.


Now, I’m not completely sure when I got to that point, or why it happened, but some time after the “hype” around the film had gone down, I forgot about it. I, personally, think that Ratatouille is underrated, simply because the hype-period around it was so short. It’s such a beautiful film, and definitely my favourite pixar film.

Of course I didn’t completely forget about it. I saw it every time I walked by the film-shelf. But, I never had the motivation to actually take it out and put it in the dvd-player. That is, until about a month ago. Lately, I’ve been seeking nostalgia in about any physical thing I’ve saved from my earlier years (existential crisis, almost 18, don’t want to grow up blablabla). So, when I walked past the dvd-shelf about a month ago, I got that famous feeling of nostalgia. I missed it. And so I watched it.

I’m not gonna lie, I think I shed a tear or two (both because of nostalgia and because it’s a fucking beautiful film).


It’s so fucking beautiful. It’s french,


it’s about Remy’s love for food,


it’s about following your dreams, and it’s just like it was when I first watched it ten years ago. It’s so well centred around the saying that is repeated through-out the whole film:


That one sentence, along with Remy trying to fulfill his dreams, tells us that we all deserve a chance, that we can all do it if we put our mind to it! No one has to be stuck in a horrible job being unhappy, when we all have a chance to achieve the perfect job of our dreams if we work hard enough.


The film is just as inspiring now, as it was back then. It’s just what I need to guide me back to my path when I start doubting my ambitions for the future. It has such a powerful message, and yet, is so underrated.

As my personal little tribute to Ratatouille, I decided to finally try and make Ratatouille last week. I think we can all admit that we admired the perfectly garnished dish that Remy and the staff ended up serving Anton Ego at the end of the film.


Of course, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to achieve that, but I just felt that I at least needed to give it a try. It ended up taking me 3 hours to make, even with the help from my dad. It was so worth it though, served with homemade focaccia bread and meat-patties, it tasted exquisitely.

I had to try and garnish it like Remy did in the film though, and here is the result:


I don’t think it turned out looking that awful. I’m pretty happy with it. And like I said, it tasted sooo good.

So, what have we learned from this blogpost?

  1. I’m not as bad at cooking as I thought I was
  2. Ratatouille is fucking beautiful and underrated
  3. Never grow up.


Love Always,



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